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    A few years back while Blackfishing in early November, we were visited by a bottlenose Dolphin. He showed up 3 times over the course of 3 hours whenever I started the motor. The distinctive sound of the Honda 4 stroke must have reminded him of someone else. None of the other 4 boats near by were paid a visit. He followed me in for about 2 miles and played in the boat wake when I headed in.

     The picture below is the tail of a Giant sunfish (Mola Mola) They are the size of a large coffee table or desk. I have seen them a half dozen times usually in August or early September. They lay flat to the sun with their tail coming straight up and back down flat to the water.

   I have also seen seals and even a Deer swimming by on two separate occaisions. These sightings are pretty rare, but add to the adventure of every trip, as they are not all the same.

  The 4 pictures above were taken in the late 70's and early 80's. Blackfishing was fantastic and we had no size or amount limits. Striped Bass were near extinction. Today we have size limits and amount limits. The Stripers made a great comeback. The reasons are right if we are to preserve the fishing for the future. Blackfishing remains strong in the fall. The spring run has been eliminated in May and June by closing this fishery to allow for spawning. I immediately try a few spots the 1st 2 weeks of July before the water warms to much and they scatter throughout the sound.     

     The closeup of a 13 1/2 lb. blacks teeth give you an idea how they crush a green crab. They have another set of fine teeth located about 1 inch deeper inside their mouth. The bite is slow in the summer but really picks up in October and November as the water cools and they gang up and put on a heavy feed to carry them through the winter months when they are less active. I have to say, I get just as excited today as I did in the late 70's for a fall blackfishing trip.

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