Sea Breeze Charters

Call Us at (860) 614-5744 

                                       Striped Bass  ---  May thru Nov.

                                           Bluefish          ---  June thru Nov.

                                           Blackfish         ---  July, Oct. thru Dec.

                                           Fluke               ---  June  thru  Aug.

                                           Porgy              ---  June  thru  Oct.

                                           Sea Bass        ---  June  thru Oct.


                                     3 people

             4+ hrs.             $ 330

             6+ hrs.             $ 420

             8+ hrs.             $ 500

    (  FOR 2 PEOPLE DEDUCT $60 )

$100 deposit required to

             reserve a date.


                                                                                                                                                                  The 4 hour Striper Trip is the most popular,   followed by a 6 hour Combo Trip for Striped Bass, Blackfish, Sea Bass and Porgy.The Combo Trip offers great bottom fishing.

"Every 7th Trip is Free for the returning Fisherman."

Gift Certificates available !

                                No Saltwater license required for the day, you are

                                covered under my CT. Charter license.

                                                * All rods and reels provided

                                                * All bait and tackle provided

                                                * All fish filleted and packaged

                                                * Fully Insured

                                                * Responsible Beer drinking allowed, No hard liquor

                                                * Loss of rod and reel not included

                                                * Poor weather cancelation may be made up to the                                                                        time of departure

                                      * Your deposit will be refunded if you give 7 days or more notice                                                   or if the Captain cancels the trip and a new date cannot be                                                       arranged.



                                  Things to bring

                                    * Sunscreen

                                                * Hat, sunglasses

                                                * Camera

                                                * Food and drink, cooler

                                                * Large coolers left in the car

                                                * Sweatshirt or jacket


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